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Google Ads and PPC marketing­­­ is one of the most effective ways of selling your products and services online, gaining a huge influx in leads for your business.

As a growing business you must be marketing your business in the best possible lead pick-up scenarios in order to gain traction, and hit your sales targets. Google Ads has a lot of different factors that make it worth investing into, but one factor makes it different than all the rest.

“Google Ads and PPC serves ads to a proactive audience.”

Now the reason for understanding that Google Ads serves a proactive audience is that writing your search ad copy will be completely different than writing ad copy for a Facebook Ads. They both have two completely different audiences.

When a visitor or browser is looking for a product or service that you offer, the first thing they will do is search for it on Google. So, it is very important that your advert is served to them at the right moment, with the right ad copy to ensure that every click on your advert is as qualified as it can be.

A proactive visitor is a visitor that is currently, at the time they see or find your advert, looking for the exact product or solution that you provide. If you have served your advert correctly, every prospect that clicks on your advert and visits your landing page should be very qualified.  They are wanting to buy or find someone who provides the services and solutions they are looking for, at that exact moment in time. If you have your ad copy correct against the keyword that has been search for, that also then leads to a correctly configured and conversion optimised landing page, then this will increase your leads and online sales dramatically and very quickly. If, however you have great ad copy that pertains to the visitors search, yet your landing page says something completely different, then your conversions will not be at the rate you could be collecting them.

All in all, knowing that the Google Ads audience is a proactive audience is vital for increasing your website views, leads and ultimately sales conversions.

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