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Facebook Ads­­­ is one of the most effective ways of selling your products and services online and gaining a huge influx in leads and attention for your business.

If you’re a business on the growth path, then you need to be implementing paid media strategies across a range of paid media platforms. One of the popular and revered platforms is Facebook.

“Facebook Ads serves ads to a reactive audience.”

Now the reason for understanding that Facebook Ads serves a reactive audience is that writing your search ad copy will be completely different than writing ad copy for a Google Ads. They both have two completely different audiences.

When a visitor or browser is looking for a product or service that you offer, the first thing they will do is search for it on Google. If you haven’t read about proactive audiences on Google Ads, then you can read about it here. But another source of an unbelievable amount of leads is Facebook. Facebook serves around 1,4 Billion active users across the world and has tools that enable highly targeted audiences and measurements for your advertising campaigns. This is a huge number of potential prospects for your business but as we all know only a small selection of those will be right for your business’s products and services.

Facebook is a reactive advertising platform because at the moment you serve an advert that prospect is “NOT” searching for what your business offers in products and services. You have to reel these people in with great sales copy and attractive imagery and possibly video content. It may also take serving your advert multiple times to the one prospect in order to get them to bite. You need to get creative when running Facebook ads and really dig deep into the type of person you are targeting.

If you run the same ad content as what you are running in Google Ads they you are setting yourself up to fail. Your Google Ads content should be setup to serve proactive advertising content and your Facebook ads should be setup to serve reactive advertising content.

You need to experiment on a weekly basis with different types of descriptions, headlines, images and videos and run split tests against different audiences t find out what clicks. Marketing your business is all about testing and once you get the right angle, charge for the hills with a strategy that is working for you and your business.

All in all, knowing that the Facebook Ads audience is a reactive audience is vital for increasing your website views, leads and ultimately sales conversions from this platform.


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